An awesome mushroom to infuse.

Chaga, or Inonotus obliquus, grows on white birch. For about a few years now, this mushroom is becoming more popular because of his high nutritional values. It is most often infused to drink it as a tea.
The logo has been inspired by its natural habitat (chaga on birch), and by the way to drink it (in a mug). The fluidity of the lines gives a relaxant aspect, as if we were walking in a forest, or if we were drinking tea.

Using the packaging to make the customer travel.

The bags, produced by small batches, have been personalized with a stamp system, to differentiate the brand from others.
We wanted to recreate the tree on which it grows, so that they it would make customers travel.

“I would never have imagined a result to simple, yet so impactful.”

Antoine Leduc-Philippon, Chag-a

Positioning – Branding – Logo – Stationary – Packaging – Stamps