An awesome entrepreneur, living his destiny.

My client, Construction N. Deslauriers, recipient of many awards, specialises in luxurious renovations. It’s a domain where clients became very cautious regarding abuses, unreasonable delays, and additional costs.
After discussions, the objective was to create a neat and luxurious identity, while keeping the rough aspect of the job.

The identity was inspired by the origin of the profession, and by the proudness that every project procures to his team and clients.

In medieval times, stone carvers used geometric matrix to establish buildings’ plans. After that, they would take this matrix to sign, with a symbol, their most beautiful pieces of work. This historic fact was like a revelation for us.
I used this matrix to create the logo, and I have shone a light on the proudness of his job through the different contact points.

“The brand image touched my audience, inspired my employees, and propelled my business.”

Nicolas Deslauriers, N. Deslauriers Construction

Positioning – Branding – Logo – Merch – Stationery