An old residence for nuns.

LE COUVENT served as a summer house for the sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary, before being converted into a welcoming and polyvalent space for retreats and events.
A place with so much history and known for its architecture, had to underline this heritage in the brand image.

A building with a soul.

The brand image absolutely needed to capture and reflect the history of the building, while also being modern. In addition, the multi-functionality of the space complicated the direction of the logo; focusing on the building rather than the services was quickly adopted as the best option.
The chosen logo illustrates the desire of the organization to keep the heritage of the convent in the entrepreneurial values.

“I loved his attitude, his diligence, his professionalism, but above all, his creativity.”

Frédéric Drouin, Le couvent

Positioning – Branding – Logo – Advertising – Promotions