Located in Montreal, the Agency Claude Girard represents artists working in the cinema, television, web, literature, advertising, and new medias industry since 2008.

His team ensure that his truly talented artists shine at a national and international level.
The task was to freshen their identity and to revise their website in order to increase the notoriety of the artists represented, and to create a sense of proudness.

An important link between the agency and its artists.

The agency Claude Girard is owner of a triplex on St-Laurent Street. The ground floor is an art gallery, the agency offices are on the second floor, and Claude Girard itself lives on the third floor.
This triplex is a space where his clients and friends feel like at home, and where there is at least one festive evening per year. I have then used the ACG from the signature to create a monogram just like the triplex and demonstrate the proximity that the agency shares with his clients.
The signature has been developed simply; all the letters are distributed to create a rectangle where everything fits together.

“It is an incredible talent!”

Claude Girard, Claude Girard Agency

Positioning – Branding – Logo – User Experience – User Interface – Stationary – Advertising