GAB is the first coffeeshop where you can work, in the world.

It is a hybrid concept between a coffeeshop and a collaborative workspace for which I had the chance to co-found with a friend. With its philosophy Living the Dream, it attracts the courageous self-employed, by giving them a Rock & Roll vibe, but useful.
As an entrepreneur, I learned everything there.

A Rock & Roll logo that inspires you to pursue your dreams.

I built the brand image from the reasons that motivated us to launch the coffeeshop, rather than based on the space or our services, which helped us to quickly develop an inspirational relationship with our clients. With this mood, communication possibilities and variances became much more important; we could do whatever we wanted, as long as it stayed in the “We are two guys who quit their job to live their dream, come live it with us” vibe. Absolutely all the touchpoints had to fit in these values.
To this day, without any surprise, this project stays one of my best branding projects.

“Undeniably, Phil knows what is beautiful, and is able to create beautiful things on demand.”

Gabriel Dancause, GAB

Analyze – Strategy – Branding – Logo – Interior Design – Signal – Merch – Advertising – Writing – Social Medias – Web Design – I basically did a bit of everything