Aubut & Fils, a family woodworking business.

A father and son deciding to quit everything and jump into the world of woodworking is a wonderful occasion for a designer to create an image to justify their career move and immediately endear them to their customers.
The logo was created from two tree branches of different sizes to represent father and son. For the Aubuts, using the letter A from their name was an important feature with which they wanted to represent their brand.

More wood. Less ink.

A woodburning iron was made for them to sign each of their creations. And for their business cards, made 100% out of wood, the same branding iron was used to stamp the logo without ever having to resort to ink.
The logo was selected to appear in the 2017 Logolounge book, a compilation of the best international logos.

Phil captured the essence of our project and did it justice by creating a brand image that allowed us to attract the attention of our future clients and partners.

Xavier Aubut, Aubut & fils

Positioning – Branding – Logo – Stationery