A highly-calibrated health and weather risk index.

For more than 60 years now, researchers have been trying to understand the effect of weather on human health. By the thousands, scientists have established links between key elements of the weather and the intensity of a number of chronic disease symptoms.
These key elements of weather include, among others, atmospheric pressure, temperature, and humidity.

My mandate was to design the entire app: a very bold project.

Blisly went above and beyond by collecting thousands of data points and creating a powerful algorithm allowing people to download the app and, based on the weather, get predictions about its impacts on their health.
I therefore combined two of these aspects in the logo: a heart rounded out by a sun.

Definitely one of the most pleasant and talented people I have ever worked with.

Jean Bouchard, Blisly

Branding – Logo – User Experience – User Interface – Stationery – Advertising