From a greenhouse established in 1943 to an international online boutique.

After nearly 80 years in business, Serres Lavoie, led by this horticulturist family’s third generation, wanted to embark on a new chapter: selling plants online.
After a meeting that took the form of a positioning workshop with their entire team, I learned how passionate they were about botany, how strongly they valued sustainability, and how they were on a mission to identify the origins of the thousands of plants they sold. The logo needed to promote all these values.

A simple, easy-to-understand icon in a timeless style.

It was clear for me that at least one of my design options for the logo had to include a plant and a terrarium. An academic look could symbolize their high level of expertise. Keeping the logo simple gave the business an “environmental activist” look and allowed the company to use it at various points of contact, even the smallest ones.
The softness of the colour palette and the low contrasts helped reinforce how they valued sustainability.


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