Thanks to LOAM, workers regain a dignity that had been denied them by inappropriate clothing.

The safety clothing and equipment available on the market does not correspond to the realities and tastes of the people, particularly women, who are obliged to wear it to work on a daily basis.

Conceived by an engineer unhappy with her own equipment, LOAM was born out of a desire to create a more inclusive range of protective and work products.

A tribute to pride.

Gone are the days when you float around in a work dog, or wear a safety jacket that's too tight around your chest.
The sleeves of our parka that pull under our arms and the generic cuts that please no one.

Because we know we've been there. Because our work uniform is just that... uniform.
Uniform, not made for our shapes. Just because we're on a construction site doesn't mean we should look like cartwrights.
This is multiform, safety clothing made for humans, no matter what their shape.


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