The Montréal Science Centre Foundation’s annual fundraising gala.

Since 2001, the Montréal Science Center Foundation hosts an annual fundraising gala to fundraise for the development of new exhibitions and school programs. Every edition has its own theme. The theme for 2017 was “Montreal,” in line with the city’s 375th anniversary that year.

A customizable visual concept.

The gala’s branding required a number of variations to suit the various electronic and printed mediums that would be used. So, I developed a series of Montreal-themed icons that could be used individually based on the format and the media type.
The final result well-represented Montreal and definitely reflected the joy of attending the gala, putting forward both playful and childlike aspects of Science Center exhibitions.

Phil is a very good and solution-oriented creative designer.

Isabelle Gosselin-Rivard, Montréal Science Center Foundation

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