A Canadian Nickel Power Play.

SRQ Resources Inc. (TSXV: SRQ) is a Canadian base metals company exploring for nickel, copper and platinum in the province of Quebec. The company is currently drilling its 100%-owned Lac Brulé property, located a five-hour drive from Montreal.

The SRQ brand is innovative, structured and solid, playing to Quebec and nickel’s sustainable strengths.

Nickel, the metal of the future.

The SRQ logo, like nickel, is at once raw, elegant and modern, associating as much with its extraction as with its modern functions. For advertising purposes, it's easy to incorporate visuals of appliances made from nickel to hammer home the great potential of nickel and therefore the opportunity to invest in the mine.

The rest of the brand identity also draws on nature, flora and fauna, and the team of experts behind the project, so we can easily vary the emphasis depending on the objectives sought.

Phil more than proved his creative mettle with our project. Despite mining being uncharted territory for him, he drilled seamlessly down to our soul and delivered core touchstones for our values. A polished and refined piece of work.

Ruth Hanna

Positioning – Logo – Branding