Building the future of network

Crewdle is a Canadian company that harnesses the power of peer-to-peer networks and relies on decentralized servers for data transfer. This approach is not only more efficient, but also more environmentally friendly.

We've developed a new brand image, including a new symbol that illustrates the simplicity of their approach: peer-to-peer data transfer.

Data transfert, the way it should be

Although it represents a disruption in the world of networks, peer-to-peer is not a new technique. We therefore opted for a retrofuturistic visual environment to capitalize on the concept's notoriety rather than its novelty. It was also essential to include the users, who are essential to the process in the brand's DNA, as well as the environmental aspects, which are crucial to Crewdle.

The result personifies both users and data transfer, in a minimalist, positive style.

Partnering with Phil, we delved deep into our core values and future aspirations. The result? A dynamic new logo, succinct brand guidelines, and a precise positioning strategy that together encapsulate our ambition and drive. This refreshed brand not only resonates with our expanded tech focus but also anchors us in our roots.

Vincent Lamanna Crewdle

Positioning – Logo – Branding