The website to compare all your telecom plans.

PlanHub is a unique platform that allows Quebecers to choose the most economic telecommunication plan based on their utilization. The user indicates his prerequisites, and PlanHub’s search engine finds the most appropriate plan at the best price.
PlanHub wanted to have a brand identity that inspired trust, and that justified the relevance of their services to their customers.
The selected direction was the simplest one: an approval check mark on a piece of paper that embodies the best plan found by PlanHub.

An identity applied on the web.

Being a service company 100% on the web, it was essential that users could easily and pleasantly achieve their objectives: find the best plan for them, in a simple way. An optimized navigation was then implemented.
The web interface design has been well thought so that it aligned with the style of the logo, key-phrases, and colors of the brand identity.

“Phil was able to accompany us in our reflections and materialize our ideas beyond our expectations.”

Guillaume Marcade, PlanHub

Positioning – Branding – Logo – UX - UI