A new way for everyone to train right in the heart of Montreal.

BOXXING is a new fitness-style boxing studio that opened its doors in 2020. Being the frontrunner of this movement, it was important to create a strong brand image that would allow them to preserve their pioneer status when new competitors eventually entered the market.
The name BOXXING is very descriptive which is why I opted for a wordmark approach. The brain is always looking to make sense of the symbols it sees. Reading the word BOXXING against the shape of a boxing glove helps improve not only recognition of the word but also the retention of the brand.

The sport’s most powerful training accessory.

The boxing glove represents strength and letting off steam, which is why I chose it as the brand’s visual. It also worked as a symbol for the movement.
The BOXXING team did not want a mainstream brand image, so we opted for an artsy, black and white look, with simple curves and comic book-like finish. The result is an artistic design and a wholly unique image from what you see in other fitness or boxing companies.

Phil is an outstanding logo creator.

Nicolas Angers, Boxxing studio

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