An awesome entrepreneur, living out his destiny.

Recipient of many awards, my client Construction N. Deslauriers specializes in luxury renovations, a domain in which clients are weary of overreaches, unreasonable delays, and add-on costs.
Following our discussions, the objective we established was to create a meticulously designed and high-end visual that also folds in the manual labour side of the job.

The visual was inspired by the origins of the profession and the pride that every project offers his team and clients.

In medieval times, stone carvers used interlocking geometric patterns to design building plans. They would then use this to sign their most prestigious works. This historic fact was the revelation to drove our design process.
I based on the logo on these interlocking patterns to feature the pride associated with this profession across the brand's various points of contact.

The brand image touched my audience, inspired my employees, and propelled my business.

Nicolas Deslauriers, N. Deslauriers Construction

Positioning – Branding – Logo – Merch – Stationery